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iphone for Street View

For $164USD, the INSTA360 ONE allows you to use your iphone to shoot 360 photospheres for Google Street View. Google Street View first went live on May 25 2007 with the addition of camera icons on Google Maps, at Cities and Parks and when the clicked on, they would display an image from that locale.

Fast forward to today and I can use Google Street View to zoom around the world, pick up the phone number off of a shop's window front or opening hours, and read a restaurant's menu board or go window shopping and if they've had a Virtual Tour published on Street View, the icon that SV uses, will indicate that I can browse around inside. 

A very common question online is "when is Google Street View car coming by again?". This page has a list of all the countries that they plan to visit and a Google Map showing where they have already been. From here you can learn more about how to get involved and exactly what you'll need to do it. 

VR headset
Shoot your own Street View Tour starting from 164 USD up to 4,999 USD.

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