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❤️‍🔥 NFT

 Proposal Overview

This proposal outlines a plan to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create a system that allows multiple individuals or entities to share ownership in web2 digital assets such as websites and social media handles, for the purpose of the project I provide (aka Heart on Fire emoji at Blogger ❤️‍🔥). The ownership stakes would be represented by NFTs stored on the blockchain and could be easily bought, sold, or transferred using user-friendly NFT marketplaces. The proposal also suggests using legally binding trustee agreements to ensure the security of the NFTs and to make it easier for individuals and new entities to access this sector of the economy. The end goal of the proposal is to use NFT technology to develop web2 assets and build a framework for a non-traditional sector of the economy.

NFT collection and asset distribution.
Typically creation of different tier levels offer a variety of options for potential buyers.
Creation of a basic tier that offers lower-priced NFTs with a wider distribution, a mid-tier that offers a limited number of higher-priced NFTs, and a premium tier that offers a very limited number of highly valuable NFTs. At the staking level, ownership can be transferred freely while all web2 accounts are maintained and managed by *trustees, and to realize real web2 asset value, any income derived from sale of web2 assets is owned by each and every stake(NFT) holder.

Tokenomics refers to the design and use of tokens in a blockchain-based system. 
For founders consideration. 
The total supply of tokens and how they will be distributed 
The value proposition of the tokens and how they will be used in the system 
The incentives for participants to hold and use the tokens 
The mechanisms for buying, selling, and transferring the tokens 
The potential for token price appreciation and how it might be affected by different factors 
Tokenomics will  align with the goals of the project to provide value to participants, ensure best chance of success and project longevity.

Staking and the future.
As of 2021 Payment providers have begun to look for ways to make NFT more accessible, so by simply using a Mastercard to purchase a tee shirt for example, may automatically register an NFT via the Mastercard number, 

"We’re working with these companies to allow people to use their Mastercard cards for NFT purchases". Mastercard
"Whether that’s on one of these companies’ marketplaces or using their crypto services. With 2.9 billion Mastercard cards worldwide, this change could have a big impact on the NFT ecosystem. Buy the NFTs you want on the marketplace of your choice. No need to buy crypto first. help the NFT ecosystem keep growing, innovating and bringing in more fans." Mastercard 

The end goal.
Use NFT to develop Web2 assets and build a framework for a non-traditional sector of the economy. 

From the  Founder.
As the founder, my end goal is to develop a safe and trustworthy framework where owners of premium domain names and usernames, discover better access to markets relating to the core business of said website/ domain name.
Before contributing to Wikipedia on domain names or more specifically *Emoji Domain Names, I was able to register a vast number of prized keyword + Emoji Dot Com's
with many more Dot Com's, and other Emoji Domains with various extensions such as Dot Club, Dot Live, Dot Net, Dot Org such as
Sportⓘ.live plus more,

Typographical Domains and Quirky Domains,
ⓘ八ⓘ.com (the face of the internet)
ⓘ一.com (a quirky domain using the number 1 in Ch/Jpn and the letter i. Why so quirky? The letter i Dot Com is reserved and not available to the public, and the hyphen can never come before to Dot in any extension.

*Emoji Domain Names
Why TM ?
With the exception of 3 emoji, an emoji domain needs a special code (Emoji and non-Latin character domains or *IDN) to work in a domain name they need a special code, for example.
Every non Latin character needs to be assigned Latin code (which starts) with "xn--".
The Three exceptions to this rule already denote Latin characters, therefore it was deemed that, no special code would be  assigned and they are,
The letter M emoji, the
Trademark emoji and the
Information emoji.
That said, as founder I bring a set of incredible emoji as usernames for Tumblr, Blogger, Wix, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Gumtree to the table.
Some of my accounts may one day prove to be invaluable digital assets for an NFT collection.
The coin emoji at eBay (xn--009h), Blogger and Wix, as well as the koala on Gumtree demonstrate my enthusiasm for conceptualizing and embracing the here now while looking forward to the future.

Username Example.
♻️ Dot Tumblr Dot Com (and Blogger also)
An emoji as a username is more visually appealing and attention-grabbing than a string of characters.
Emoji are often used to convey emotions and messages, which can help users connect with your content on a deeper level.
Using an emoji as a username makes your account unique and stand out from other users on the platform.
Some emoji are easily recognizable and can be quickly identified even in a long list of username options.
Using an emoji as a username can help you connect with a younger audience who may be more familiar with and responsive to emoji, while not forgetting a picture tells a thousand words in every language.
The recycle symbol in particular is a widely recognized and commonly used symbol, so it is easily recognizable and does not require extensive marketing to gain recognition, while the heart on fire is possibly the better choice for an apparel line and NFT collection.

*IDN international domain names (all non Latin char sets).

Google "heart on fire emoji, emojipedia" to see the current versions across platforms and devices. Some platforms handle emoji usernames differently to the DNS or Domain Name System, for example they may assign the information emoji and the information symbol two separate URL's (which follow the domain name).


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