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Digital Realestate

  W hat is Digital Realestate? Almost anything digital that can be traded. Domain names Websites Blogs Email lists NFT Cryptocurrencies Shares Metaverse are all digital realestate 95 years after the first VISITORSℹ centre was constructed in New Buffalo, USA. Around Four years before Apple launched the iMac in 1998 they began to acquire alot of “i” themed domain names, then in 2001 the first emoji xn--code and in 2003 IDN xn--code were approved.   Emoji can talk  in 6500 languages (that's all of them) A fantastic example of efficient communication is in Morse’s code. Naturally the signals (dots and dashes) are not designated in an alphabetical linear fashion (eg.A=Dot, B=Dash, C=2Dots, and so on), a single dot represents the most commonly used letter which is “E”, and a single dash “T”. #HotelsTM Keeping the domain name short means that it is not easily forgotten. It is in Dot Com, which is what you need for international scaling because  Dot Com is the original registry and means that the Dot Com directory is searched before all of the other directories. This domain name is suited to Geographical sub domains. Also available is the  "😍" punycode  is "xn--r28h" and the IDN code for  "一"  is "xn--4gq" and  "www一.com"  is "" but the code for Ⓜ️ is "m" there are only Two others like this  "tm" ™️  and  "i"  ℹ️ Contact.