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Coin the Name of a Space Mission

Not only do you get a chance to name the mission, ESA have a prize for you as well.  Who can enter? Nationals of ESA Member, Cooperating and Associate States; the European Union; Argentina, Australia; and, ISS partner countries, except for: Staff of ESA, its suppliers, its contractors, and Members of the immediate families or households of (a) above. Competition  Details and Rules photo courtesy of ESA

Did you know?

You might want to reconsider throwing that casino chip into the wishing well, there probably wasn't a magical fairy after all. According to Wikipedia it might have started out as a game or even an early form of gambling or wagering, a game where the coin wasn't even the prize perhaps? Wikipedia "another local custom at Askham is the throwing of coins from the nearby bridge onto a boulder that lies just below the water level of the river. Getting the coin to land on the rock gives the thrower "good luck." Obvious connections exist with water generally and the practice of throwing in coins to seek favors of the water spirits ".

Do you live sport?

SPORTℹ.live One of a handful of ℹnformation Emoji domains that make great sense. the  "😍" punycode  is "xn--r28h" and the IDN code for  "一"  is "xn--4gq" and  "www一.com"  is "" but the code for Ⓜ️ is "m" there are only Two others like this  "tm" ™️  and  "i"  ℹ️ Support varies for emoji domains, but IDN or internationalised domain names have been around a while longer and are now supported by most major browsers and email providers. Domains and Emoji Handles Mailto.